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Transactional Sender ID and Templates - Transactional SMS Gateway Route India

Transactional Sender ID:
Example of sender id : LM-ICICIB or DM-HDFCBK, etc

Transactional Sender ID Regulation

  • Needs to be approved by SMSC and governing authorities
  • Should be related to Company or Service
  • Length of sender id should be exactly six (6)
  • Only Alpha (A to Z) characters are allowed
  • Only UPPERCASE characters are allowed (ALL CAPITAL)
  • No Special characters including space or hypens are allowed in Sender ID

Transactional Sender ID Advantages:
Great Branding Opportunity for Companies and Service Providers

Allowed for below business categories

  • Registered Services
  • Registered Companies
  • Registered Banks & Financial Institution
  • Insurance Companies or Agents
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Payment clearing Houses
  • Payment Gateways
  • Registered Education Institutes
  • Travel agencies (Ticket details)
  • Stock Market Alerts (Only to subscribed customers)
  • E-Commerce website sending response to ecommerce transactions made by their customers

Transactional Templates

  • Example of SMS :
    Dear Suresh, Your AXIS bank account XXXX1234 is debited with 1000 INR on 22-11-2014. Your current Bal is 50000 INR. - AXIS Bank.

  • Example of Template (To be requested for approval):
    Dear #field1#, Your AXIS bank account #field2# is #field3# with #field4# INR on #field5#. Your current Bal is #field6# INR. - AXIS Bank.

Transactional Templates Regulation

  • Templates can have both dynamic and static contents ex. customer name, balance amount, etc.
  • The contents within the hash tags #field1# can be changed.
  • Only 30% of sms content can be variable.
  • Allowed to add multiple sms templates.
  • All Templates Needs to be approved by SMSC and governing authorities.
  • Templates are recommeded to reveal the Company/Service name like "AXIS Bank" anywhere in content.
  • Templates should not be promotional/marketing in nature example - (wishes,offers,promo codes etc)
  • Change of character in static content even a single character will block the sms from broadcasting


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